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Many Thanks to the Gateways for Growth Advisory Committee

Ali Saidi – Public Defender’s Office
Alvaro Fuentes – Community Clinic Consortium
Brittany Ferguson – Lao Family Community Development
Gabby Carmona – New American Economy
George Zavala – Welcoming America
Gilbert Salinas – CCC Department of Health
Jose Rizo – Village Community Resource Center
Kwesi Anku – West African/Ghanan Community
Mahvash Hassan – Mhasaan Consulting
Mary Doyle – Y & H Soda Foundation
Mayra Padilla – Contra Costa College
Navin Moul – Zellerbach Family Foundation
Patience Ofodu – CCC Workforce Development Board
Petronila Fernandes – Community Parents Group
Rodolfo (Rod) Santos –
Roxanne Carrillo-Garza – La Clinica Dela Raza
Sandy Saeturn – Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Sean Kirkpatrick – East Bay Refugee Forum
Susun Kim – Family Justice Center
Tamina Alon – CCC Employment and Human Services
Vy Vo – Healthy Richmond

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