Report ICE activity by calling 1-925-900-5151

Stand Together Contra Costa is a rapid response, legal services, and community education project to support safety and justice for immigrant families in Contra Costa County.  An innovative partnership between Contra Costa County, philanthropy, and community-based organizations, Stand Together Contra Costa provides culturally competent, no-cost rapid response support, legal defense services, and immigrant rights education and training to support families impacted by anti-immigrant policies and practices affecting Contra Costa County residents. The mission of Stand Together Contra Costa is to ensure that all people in Contra Costa County, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay, are afforded the rights established by the United States Constitution, and are protected from actions or policies that result in disparate, discriminatory, or unlawful treatment.

As a public/private collective impact initiative staffed by trained community leaders and community-based immigration defense attorneys, and deploying across the county’s three geographic regions, Stand Together Contra Costa will build on Contra Costa’s outstanding record of success in developing bold and innovative solutions to advance justice and equity for all of its residents.

The 24/7 Stand Together Contra Costa hotline works to provide culturally competent verification and legal observation of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity in Contra Costa County. ICE enforcement activity in our community tears apart families while spreading an atmosphere of fear and mistrust of civic institutions and services.  Stand Together Contra Costa will not only provide accurate information and verification regarding suspected ICE activity in Contra Costa county, but will also ensure that our immigrants and immigrant families have access to legal due process regardless of their ability to pay.  Stand Together Contra Costa will not only  provide legal consultation and representation to those facing the complex system of immigration law, but will also provide community-based education, trainings, and workshops to ensure that Contra Costa’s immigrant families have meaningful access to information about our civil rights while promoting more robust civic engagement with the many programs and services available in Contra Costa.